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Minimum 3 Days rental, CDW(Collision Damage Waver)-is included in the price.

For long term rentals, a discount is applicable.

All cars are available in Manual and Automatic, Free airport pick up and delivery.

Free delivery to all locations in Larnaca City.

To book one of our cars, please visit the contact page

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Pictures Model - Make CC
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Nissan March

1000 – 1200

Toyota Yaris/Vits

1000 – 1300 – 1500

Chevrolet Kalos

1200 – 1400

Suzuki Swift

1200 – 1500

Ford Fusion1400 – 1600

1400 – 1600

Chevrolet Lacetti

1600 – 1800

Daihatsu Perodua/Daihatsu Kembara/ Toyota Cami

1400 – 1600

Peugeot Convertible 207cc

Engine: 1600cc A/C Automatic Cabrio

Low Season: Starts from the 1st of November and ends 31st of March

High Season: Starts from the 1st of April and end 31st of October

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Email: anemayia@cytanet.com.cy – Tel: 0035799624726 / 0035799757777